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''If you want to experience a paradise-come to Dubrovnik!“ - said George Bernard Shaw, a famous dramatist, and if we fulfil someone’s last hope of recovery besides this, you have got the best ''invitation“ into Medical Centre Glavić- in which you will find THE LEADING,CHEAPEST AND MOST ACCEPTABLE neurorehabilitation robotics centre in southeastern Europe.

Using high quality medical services significantly cheaper than in western countries, combining comprehensive medicine knowledge and advanced technology, the most sophisticated robotic devices as well as perfectly trained and educated team, we cross the borders of standard rehabilitation introducing robotics neuro rehabilitation in Croatia.

Apart from already existing offers and neurorehabilitation therapy, Medical Centre Glavić, in cooperation  with the sister firms and long-term partners, has the  possibility of insuring all  accompanying  medical services and care depending on the wishes, needs and capabilities of patients.

Dubrovnik Dubrovnik Dubrovnik 



Poliklinika GlavićBesides the quality of our service, the advantage of rehabilitation in Medical Centre Glavić is the location itself in southern Croatia, in a little and peaceful town called Dubrovnik.

For its very convenient geographical location at the coast of the Adriatic sea, Dubrovnik, a pearl of Adriatic, is famous for its pleasant Mediterranean climate, fresh air and clear sea.

An easygoing way of life with everything you might need nearby makes your life stress free and far from  fast rhythm.With the natural beauty and the rich UNESCO cultural heritage this combination definitely represents an ideal place for a rehabilitation destiation.