Neurorehabilitation is an integral part of the treatment and care of patients with various neurological diseases. Robotic neurorehabilitation compared to coventional one offers much faster and more efficient recovery possibility to patients who have weakened or completely disabled lower and upper extremities, due to various accidents or diseases.

The neurologist Josip Glavić is the first doctor in Croatia who has started using this modern neurorehabilitation robotics. Neurorehabilitation on our devices is based on neuroplasticity, a fantastic brain ability to reorganize and establish new synapses between the neurons  which take over the role  and function of the damaged parts. This type of rehabilitation has been proved to be achieving sensational results in improving the health of patients.

Multiple benefit  of neuro rehabilitation  is a physical, emotional and psychosocial aspect of patient’s life. 

Rehabilitation packages have been created with individual approach to each patient based on their medical condition and diagnosis. Our specialists determine the optimal number of therapies, with combination of robot-assisted and conventional therapy, in order to achieve faster and more effective recovery of the patient.

Our team consists of highly qualified doctors and medical staff and we use modern medical equipment. We also offer a unique and comfortable accomodation. We want to  be sure that you are satisfied and happy feeling as on vacation. We provide you confidence having a long experience in the medical sector, high standards of quality and affordable prices.
Our goal is to provide our patients high international standard medical treatments at the lowest price. All you need to do is to express your wishes and demands.

  • - Arm neurorehabilitation - Armeo 
    - Leg neurorehabilitation - Lokomat
    - Physical therapy
    - Bobath therapy
    - Magnetic therapy
    - Ultrasound and laser therapy
    - Customized exercises for motor skills,fine motor skills, accuracy,coordination of movements, balance and equilibrium.


The active participation of patients, their familiesa and professionals from various fields is very important during neurorehabilitation. That’s why Polyclinic Glavić offers rehabilitation packages with medical services and accomodation for the patient and his accompaniment.

During neurorehabilitation our common goal is to maintain or  learn again the skills that a person had before the neurological disease occurrenceExercising during rehabilitation patients learn new ways of performing actions that they are no longer able to make.

Thanks to their revolutionary mode, Armeo Spring and Lokomat devices have a great effect on patient by stimulating neuroplasticity of the brain. By this method patient is rehabilitated and recovered in an easier and more effective way.


Neuroplasticity enables moving of  the damaged  brain functions to the  healthy regions,the brain recompenses the damage by reorganizing and creating  new links among the healthy untouched neurons.

NeuroplasticyWhewe develop neuroplasticity of the brain combining the conventional therapy of the lower and upper extremities with robotic therapy through very intensive repeated movements in motivated video games, we make patient’ s chances to recover considerably bigger and faster. 

Neurorehabilitation using neuroplasticity of the brain is the most effective and productive rehabilitation.We are pleased to point out that Medical Centre Glavić may offer devices with skilled team performing it successfully.