Organization and arrival


Extra services - organization of arrival and accomodation
According to your wishes,in cooperation with GLAVIĆ MED TRAVEL  sister company,we can offer you a complete package of services including travel,accomodation,health care and transport.With all our services you  may be sure that you are in the right hands.
Accomodation adjusted to needs,financial status and wishes of each patient:
hotel accomodation
private accomodation
accomodation in hospitals as well in medical institutions
Medical transport with best equipment and skilled staff on:

  • local level
    national level
    international level
    Everyday Transport from  patients’lodging to Glavić Polyclinic by patient’ schedule and arrengement
    HOME CARE adjusted to patient’s needs as well as his medical condition
    CONTROL AND MONITORING  by a specialist doctor and other medical staff

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